9 Summer Wardrobe tips.

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Get Ready for Summer.

Some great pieces to have this summer. Mix and Match them all. 

The deconstructed shirt

The deconstructed shirt isn’t going anywhere soon. It is getting trendier and even more interesting. Great to pair with your old denim jeans or shorts.

Graphic stripes

There is no summer without stripes. This year combine stripes in all different shapes. And with the right combination it’s a winner for any summer party.

Flared denims/denim shorts

When fashion icons and artists starting to wear something, its soon to become a fashion trend. Honestly, flared denims are fun, comfy and a good staple items for colder summer nights.

and of course a pair of denim shorts (ripped or plain) 

Bare shoulder

Show some skin in a fashionable way during summer. Off shoulder top or dress is still a winner this summer due to its feminine but still classic look. Not too much, not too little.

White Denim/Jeans

When you dont want to show your legs but dont feel for cover up in a kaftan or wear a summer skirt the white denim pants will save your summer nights. Dress them up with an off the shoulder top or a deconstructed shirt or why not a silk singlet 


Layering my favorite thing to do and recommend since it  easily changes any outfit, make you ready ifthe temperature changes during the day. For summer just keep your layering fabric lights, sheer and use cotton, silk and viscous.

Go oversized

Comfy and still looking great and being on trend- why not try oversized shirts, caps, and tees. And why not the old but still in fashion kaftan – it not only hides your extra party kilos it is  a great addition to any summer wardrobe since it def takes you from beach to bar in a second.


A summer must have. Use it to dress anything up in your wardrobe: a plain slip dress, jeans, shorts, silk singlet. 

Slip in/Sandals

When you want something on your feet as comfy as a pair of Havaianas but a bit nicer looking this new trendy sandals is great for warm summer days. 




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