Addicted to scarfs- add a scarf change the look and stay warm!

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Addicted to scarfs atm. Do you know what a knotted shawl is? Or a french knot, a double sided twist or a cozy neck wrap?
Alright, the last one pretty much gave it away, but we bet you thought the classic loop was some kind of acrobatic experiment?!
It’s not. It’ just one of many fancy ways to tie your scarf - well, when it’s warm enough to wanna try anything else than just wrap it around you like a blankie.
But a scarf can do so much more to your outfit than just keep your neck warm.
It’s just like fashion icon Carolina Herrera so wisely says:
"Money doesn't buy elegance. You can take an inexpensive sheath, add a pretty scarf, gray shoes, and a wonderful bag, and it will always be elegant.”
Striped scarves, silk scarves, flowing scarves, big scarves, small scarves - scarves that look like ribbons or shawls - they all make us look more dressed up and is a universal accessory most women are embracing.

How do you wear yours?
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