Female Famous Fashion Designers - Who Are They What Do We Like About Them

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Female Famous Fashion Designers - Who Are They What Do We Like About Them

When you think about fashion, you might not realize, but you will find out that the first famous fashion designer brand that comes to peoples mind is a brand which is started, created or having their main designer being a man. Crazy consider for most of this brands their main target and customer is female.   But does that mean there are no female fashion designers? In fact, there are plenty of very cool, talented and inspirational female designers that own their own brand or having top creative fashion jobs. From labels to new names, here are some top female famous fashion designers that have or still are making an impact on the fashion industry  

Stella McCartney- Always having an opinion and not afraid to let you know.

If you are a fashion enthusiast, you must have heard about Stella McCartney. Stella first entered the fashion world by becoming an intern for Christian Lacrox before becoming a fashion director for Chloe. She later debuted with her own brand which is revered for its colorful, boisterous designs. Her designs are something you can experiment with and truly express your own personality within. And Stella herself is not late to express her own opinion (using her fame from the catwalk to create a debate and make a difference…)  

Rachel Comey-Cult Coming.

Comey began her fashion career with menswear before turning to Womenswear, by 2004 Comey had built her following and expanded her library to include both footwear and Womenswear. Comey’s brand is defined by the cult's favorite: Legion jeans and mars Boot.

Ashley Olsen and Mary-Kate- Double the Fun.

The twin sisters began their fashion career in 2006. By 2012 they took home the coveted top prize at the CFDA Awards. Before the awards, the twins established the Elizabeth and James brands that are their version of  ready-to-wear clothing line with more affordable pricing. 

Diane von Furstenberg- Be the women you wanna be!

The fashion icon and the creator of the wrap dress that symbolize independence and power for an entire generation of women. DVF have had an extraordinary life raised by her mother a  concentration camp survivor in Brussel, married a prince became a jet-set princess, getting divorced, facing bankruptcy but came back by never ever giving up, overcoming cancer, bought a publishing house, building a global brand, and still going strong devoting herself to empowering other women: "I want every woman to know that she can be the woman she wants to be” and secure you get independent in her words, the kind of woman who is independent and who doesn't rely on a man to pay her bills."


Coco Chanel- Luxury but not over comfort!

Coco Chanel Is Fashion. She is THE women in fashion and was and still are very influential within the fashion industry. The house she founded is still the most coveted and respected label. Fighting stereotypes, borrowing elements of men’s wear and emphasizing comfort over the constraints of then-popular fashions. She helped women say goodbye to the days of corsets and other confining garments.



In honor of female famous fashion designer, there are lots of other established female designers like, Madeleine Cheruit, Jeanne Lanvin Miuccia Prada, Sonia Rykiel, Isabel Marant, Tory Burch, Donatella Versace, Anya Hindmarch, Alice Temperley, Vivienne  Westwood, Phoebe Philo, Amanda Wakeley and others that changed the fashion industry to what it is today.

They all deserve to be mentioned. 


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