Silk Magic: How to look after your darlings

Posted by Petra Orrenius on

So, you took an amazing, romantic stroll in the rain last night. Great!
Wearing your silk top or dress. Not so great.
You managed to stay away from juice, chocolate, wine, food... only to ruin your best top with a few silly, innocent drops of rain.
Alright, here's how you save the day:
Find a piece of white silk (never a colored one) or muslin or white cotton. Lie your stained top on a flat surface and gently rub the piece of white silk over the stain to lift the water stain off the dress. 

Didn't work? Boil water, then reduce to a simmer. Hold your top in the steam for one minute. Lie your top flat on a clean towel to dry completely. Didn't work either? Leave to the dry cleaner! And wear cotton for your next romantic stroll.

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