Sleeping Beauty it is!

Posted by Petra Orrenius on

Get some sleep tonight, ladies!
According to a new Swedish research, there really is such thing as "beauty sleep", and just two nights of poor sleep make you look less attractive and healthy.
And as if that's not enough, apparently your social life suffer from your bad night habits too. 
One of the reasons we look less appealing to others after a rough night is, according to the study, is because our skin doesn't have that healthy glow with a hint of redness. The blood flow to the skin is strongly promoted by sleep and without it we look pale, and, apparently, accordingly to the study less tempting to have coffee with. No wonder I have to have my coffee by myself lately. But with a long weekend ahead, crappy weather,  and a Queen to celebrate I am determined to get at least 8 hours sleep/night this weekend. 

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