Su·per·sti·tious SURE But only when Suits

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Please tell us you’re wearing your clothes inside out.
Because you DO know that if you put on a piece of clothes inside out by accident, it might be your lucky day!
But whatever you do - ignore those who tells you to fix your” new look”. Your good look might be long gone if you do..

Most people are superstitious in some way, and not only when it comes to Friday the 13th, walking under a ladder or breaking a mirror.
There are some funny clothing superstitions but unlike the ladder and the mirror, most of them will give you GOOD luck.
Thank god, since we love our clothes and don’t want it to make us unhappy in any way…

Did you know that having an odd number of buttons on your garments is believed to give you special luck?
If not - go ahead and sew an extra button on!
And always pick up a button if you find one!
To give and receive buttons also symbolizes a long and strong friendship.
Your friend might look surprised when she opens up the present, but remember - you do it because you love her.

Coins and clothes can also bring you good luck. Put a coin in the pocket of your new clothes before wearing them for the first time and don’t spend it - ever.

Polka dots on clothes is said to attract wealth, blue gives you huge success, a belt wrapped around your body will protect you from sorcery and if you wear a sock or stockings with a hole you can count yourself lucky!
Unless you wear it a second day. That will bring bad luck. And probably some bad smell as well.

Another thing that might be extra good to know on the Northern beaches is to pull your arms through the sleeves of the sweater before pulling it over your head. That way you’ll be protected from drowning... Not sure how though?

Last but not least never ever put your shoes on a table or on a bed or on a map unless you want to get involved in a bad quarrel, don't let your lover give you a pair of shoes unless you're tired of him and DON’T give your old clothes to old people. That will only bring you trouble.

Well. Maybe you shouldn’t be too superstitious.

 Petra Weiss

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