Tips Today for a Smoother Tomorrow

Posted by Petra Orrenius on

Weird things happens to your body when it’s cold outside and warm inside.

Some tips to stay smooth as silk when the weather turns from warm to cold. 

The combination of temperature drop, cold winds, central heating and low humidity makes your skin dry out and your former smoothness is long gone and exchanged to flaky, itchy skin, vulnerable to eczema and dermatitis. Ouchh. 
Make sure you’re well hydrated from the inside and outside with plenty of water to drink and eat essential fatty acids like omega-6 and omega-3 (nuts, whole seeds, avocado, oily fish like salmon).
Try to cut down on coffee (nightmare, we know..) and use nice skincare products without too highly active ingredients. Exfoliate every week to keep those dead cells away and try an overnight hydrating mask every night (Clinique got a lifesaver).
You can also try to avoid laundry products with perfume, stop overloading your washer to let the detergent dissolve correctly and use soft fabrics like silk and linen.
And remember: it’s only 7 weeks to springtime! ;)

smooth as silk


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