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Go ahead and treat yourself this Mothers day! Make it awesome!

Mother and daughter
Why not give yourself a little extra love on your own special day - you've got the perfect excuse to make yourself a priority and to recharge your depleted batteries.
See the red traffic lights as a moment of peace and tranquility? Then it's really time to run away from all the "must-do-things" and enjoy a little me-time.
Sleep in, have morning coffee at your favourite café, have an hour by yourself in the bathroom and try out some totally unnecessary beauty products that you've never had time to try before. Watch a great movie that doesn't contain

1. A princess in pink. With a horse.

2. A fluffy dog that rescues everyone. And can talk.

3. A cartoon figure. Of any kind.
And why not do some shopping that DOES NOT include children's clothes, groceries or birthday presents.
Maybe a nice bag, a cosy cardigan or why not a leather jacket. 

To celebrate that you made it through another year in one piece (well, sort of) you will receive 20% off any order until Mothers Day 14th May. Just use this code at checkout: NQMIYYAKD49I. 

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