Your leather Jacket will get better with age, just like you!

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A leather jacket to your wardrobe is just as critical as a cup of coffee a Monday morning.
No matter of your style - a leather jacket is always RIGHT and at the moment we got a perfect leather weather!
But don’t forget that your leather piece needs a lot of love and doesn’t wanna be treated as a simple jeans jacket.
A leather or suede rain proof  spray saves your jacket if it suddenly starts to rain - but do a spot test first to make sure it doesn’t get discolored.
If your jacket gets wet, hang it where there’s plenty of light and let it air dry on its own.
Slipped with the pen and got ink on light leather Don’t panic. Yet.
Try to remove it carefully by adding alcohol (like your hand sanitizer Dettol) on a white cotton cloth and dab on the mark (please don't rub) 

And remember - often leather gets even better with age (just like women) and a few beauty marks here and there just makes it more interesting!

Addicted_worldwide leather jacket

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